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Counselling Facilities for Foreign Students

Student counselling services are available free of charge to all students who own a valid student ID card and have registered for university, college or vocational training ('OKJ course') in Hungary. University applicants and alumni students are still eligible to use certain facilities, such as career guidance.

Most higher education institutions run their own counselling centres, a list of which can be found here, sorted geographically. As a registered student, you are entitled to turn to the counsellors of any other university when:

- your school does not provide counselling in foreign languages

- you have special needs which require expertise of a kind they are unable to deal with

- you have specific personal problems that you would not share within your school

- other counsellors are considerably closer to your home so it is much easier to get there.

If you have questions about higher education counselling facilities, feel free to contact the ELTE Peer Counsellor Group who should give further assistance in finding the appropriate service for you.

Online counselling is also possible in our chat room once you have found your counsellor and pre-arranged a consulting time. Please note that your student ID number might be needed.

General questions, along with discussions, may be posted to our higher education forum in case you need help with common topics regarding accommodation, the credit system, cultural or language difficulties and so forth.

Many universities have peer counsellors as well, comprised of mostly senior students, whose task is to help other students get their bearings and adjust to university life. They may provide a more informal relationship than a psychologist and can advise you on exams, social activities or other issues at your university.